Chimney Caps & Pans

Chimney flashing is well know for being one of the main place where leaking occurs. When you need chimney flashing repair near you chance are our roofers are your best choice. Contact the professionals at Roof Rite Remodeling, LLC.

Chimney Caps and Pans by Roof Rite Remodeling

Roof Rite professionals know how important it is to have proper chimney caps and pans

Our Roofers can install custom made chimney caps, pans, and shrouds.

Roofing contractors tend to shy away from custom installations in Atlanta, GA due to the difficulty of older roofs.

Chimney pans prevent water from entering your home and creating tremendous damage.

Chimney flashing

The main purpose of chimney flashing is designed to keep the water out once it hits the chimney. Once the water starts traveling down the chimney; it needs the proper isolation and covering that will protect it from water leaking on the inside of the shingles. The system needs to work so the water goes over the shingles and into your gutters. That is why we have several quality control measures during and after the chimney flashing repair.

Chimney home renovations

Chimney Caps installation

It is crucial to have a properly installed chimney metal. This will help with longevity and prevent leaks from being created at top of the chimney.