Insurance Claims

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Q: Will your insurance company pay for remodeling or new roof replacement?

A: Most insurance companies will pay for damage that occurred as is a result of an accident or nature , such as a strong rain damage,  a hailstorm, hurricane, tornado, falling branches or debris, or other incident.

Q: Who should I call first if I think my roof is damaged, Roof Rite Remodeling or my insurance company?

A: We suggest to call us Roof Rite Remodeling to properly inspect your roof. In addition, our roofers will take pictures and document the damage to present an insurance claim. If so, we can speed the process and get your roof restored quickly.

Q: Can your roofers from Roof Rite represent me during the insurance inspection?

A: Absolutely, our roof inspector or remodeling inspector can be on site when your insurance adjustor arrives to inspect the property damage. Our inspectors will address all areas of concern in order for them to be included on the insurance claims report. We want to make sure the homeowner receives all the compensation that is needed to restore the property and complete the repairs with high quality.

Q: What can I expect to get from my insurance company for the claim?

A: Ultimately, the insurance company has the final determination of the value of the claim. This is mostly based on the report from the insurance adjustor. Several factors are considered by the insurance adjuster, such as the age of your roof, the damage, the construction and installation difficulty of the new roof, and the material that was used. An important point here to be aware of as a homeowner is that the amount paid may be less than the full cost of a roof replacement or repair job – this is mostly due to the depreciation.

Q: We got several estimates from roofing contractor and remodeling company, but there are large differences. Why?

A: It is important to compare and make sure that all proposals offer the same service. Most of the times the estimates will vary from between the roofers. For example, one roofing company might offer a proposal with a 3-tab 25-year shingles, while another may offer installation of a 30-tab year shingle for only slightly more.

Professional Roof Rite Remodeling Inspection and Repair

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