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Roof Rite has the ability to install a wide variety of skylights. Some of the most popular models are sun tunnel, vented, fixed, and velux skylight installation. Our professionals stress the importance of the flashing system that is installed along with your skylight. This process tries to eliminate any leaks that could come from that area. Roof Rite Remodeling Contractor uses the best performing installation methods for skylights optimization in your home. We want to ensure each homeowner goal is met with a new skylight installation. A very popular feature is the Sun Tunnel. It can brighten up a home at very affordable pricing. Contact us today! Our professionals are here to provide you with an estimate that solves your problem.

Skylights Roof

Roof Skylights

Most homeowners install skylights to brighten up the space underneath the top level of the roof in a more natural way. Instead of using lighting fixtures.  Home renovation projects can easily utilize fixed skylights when expanding areas such as closet space, hallways, dark corners, stairwells and other parts of the home that need a fresh new look. Sky views are great for reading room and relaxing while enjoying your cop of coffee. In addition, they provide great economical benefit by letting in sunlight rather than paying more with your local utility company.

Affordable Roof Windows

Considering replacing your roof? If your home has old windows in the roof perhaps this would be the best time to replace them. Save time and money by replacing both the roof windows and your roofing materials. Taking advantage of both will make for a better installation and cheaper cost cost of replacement.

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